God is a way of life ~ Osho

Man without God is man alienated. Man without God is man without roots. Man without God is utterly lonely. Man without God knows nothing of life, meaning, significance. He knows only death, frustration, despair.

And that’s what has happened to humanity: slowly, slowly we have turned out backs towards God. We have done it in a very rational way. We have done it very scientifically, so we seem to be very convinced of whatsoever we have done, as if we have done right. But if one looks, all around there is misery. People are living in nightmares, utterly afraid, feeling the emptiness, because the place that could have been filled by God remains empty. It cannot be filled by money, by power, or with the new gadgets that technology goes on inventing. Man goes on stuffing himself with things, but the emptiness can’t be filled. It can be filled only by God. Only God can reach to your innermost core, nothing else.

So man goes on becoming technologically affluent, rich, and spiritually very poor. Man has never been so poor spiritually as he is today, and has never been so rich outwardly as he is today. This is a paradox, on the outside riches go on piling up – mountains of riches; and in the inside, the valley becomes deeper and deeper, and the darkness deepens. The reason is only one: that for these three hundred years we have done one foolish thing, although we have done it very rationally: we have turned against God; we have turned out backs towards God.

God contains all the meaning of life, all the poetry of life, all the celebration of life. God is not a person. God is a totally different way of living your life. God is a way of life, the way of celebration, the way of dance, the way of love.

But because the word “God” gives the idea of a person, and we start looking for where he is, and we cannot find him, we come to the conclusion there is no God. But in the first place we create a false god; and then we start looking for it. It is like the old definition of philosophy: a blind man, searching in a dark room for a black cat which is not there. Now how is he going to find it? First, he is blind, second, the room is dark, thirdly, the cat is black, and fourth, it is not there.

This is what has happened about God: we have created a false god, and then we start looking for him, and we cannot find him, so we conclude that there is no God. ¬†Friedrich Nietzsche says God is dead. It was the false god, the created god which is dead. It has nothing to do with the real God. Nietzsche knows nothing about the real God. About the false he is perfectly true. I agree with him, but he is in a confusion. He thinks that the false god is God, that’s where I disagree. The false is created by man. Now man is mature enough and cannot go on trusting in the false. We have to bring the true God into man’s life. Then God is not a person, then God is a way of life.

Living life poetically, living life lovingly, living life as a constant celebration – that’s what is represented by the word “god.” It is better if we drop the word “god” and start thinking in terms of “godly.” There is no God in the world, but the existence is godly, it is divine. We are all rooted in it, and it loves us, otherwise we would not have been here in the first place.

It is because the existence loves us that we are. It keeps us alive: it goes on breathing life into us, it goes on pulsating in our blood, it goes on beating in our hearts. To start feeling it is to bring a new vision to your life.

From the Darshan Diaries