On Rumi

whirling dervs

“Day and night my father danced in ecstasy, spinning on earth like the turning heavens.  His  laughter echoed through the zenith of the sky, And was heard by beings of every realm.  He showered the musicians with gold and silver. He gave away whatever came into his hand.  He was never without a singing heart. He was never at rest.

There was a rebellion in the city – No, the whole world sounded with the cries of rebellion.  How could a great pillar and champion of Islam, hailed as the leader of both worlds, become such a raving madman?  Those who recited the scriptures were now singing with abandon, and swaying with the musicians, in public and in private.  People turned away from dogma and empty rituals, and went crazy after love!”

~ SULTAN WALAD (Rumi’s son)