Barking dogs – Osho

“In India they have a beautiful proverb. The elephant is thought by the Indians, symbolically, to be one of the wisest animals in existence. And why have they thought that it is the wisest? -because whenever an elephant passes through a village all the dogs gather… they cannot tolerate such a big animal; it is too hurtful to their egos. Just a mountain! and they look so tiny. Now it is unbearable; something has to be done…

As many dogs start barking, others who are far away immediately run – “Something great is happening.” So the whole population of dogs follows an elephant.  The proverb says, “Dogs go on barking, but the elephant does not even pay attention.” He does not even stand and look at the dogs, he just goes on his way as if he has not heard them. It is because of this – that he does not get into a fighting mood with the dogs. He pays no attention, remains absolutely indifferent.

And that is the way of a meditator: be indifferent to all the barking dogs of your mind. The meditator goes alone, just like an elephant — dogs barking, barking, barking… Slowly slowly, their barking fades away, far away, as if it is just an echo in the valleys, or maybe a dream you have seen somewhere.   The farther you go beyond the mind, the less and less you hear the barking of the dogs, their arguments, their ideologies, their philosophies, their religions, their theologies, their political beliefs, their social beliefs, their educational conditioning… all go on barking, barking, but you go on like an elephant, reaching farther and farther, deeper into yourself. Soon you will be so far away, you won’t even listen to the barking of the dogs. And once you are that far away, the dogs lose interest.