Hugging the inner child

hugging7“The World needs therapy because the world is missing love.  In a really loving world, no therapy will be needed at all.  Love will be enough, more than enough. Hugging is only a gesture of love, of warmth, of caring.  The very feel of the warmth flowing from the other person melts many Illnesses in you, melts the ice-like, cold ego.  It makes you again a child…

If you go deep into a person, you will always find the innocent child; and to contact that innocent child is therapeutic. Hugging gives you an immediate contact with the child.  If you hug somebody with warmth, love, if it is not just an impotent gesture; if it is meaningful, significant, true, if your heart is flowing through it, immediately you come in contact with the child, with the innocent child.  And the innocent child, even for a single moment surfacing, makes a tremendous difference because the innocence of the child is always healthy and whole; it is uncorrupted.  You have reached to the innermost core of the person where no corruption has ever entered, you have reached to the virgin core.  And just making the virgin core throb again with life is enough. You have triggered a process of healing.”

~ Osho