The Multidimensional Splendor


Without religion, everything that is significant disappears — Osho

Without God, life cannot have any meaning. It will have logic but it will not have any meaning. It will be mathematical… It will be measurable but without any music in it. It will be possible to study and observe it in the science lab, but there will be no poetry in it. Without religion, poetry, music, dance – everything that is significant disappears.

And religion is rooted in the experience of the splendor, the multidimensional splendor of existence. Everything is so utterly beautiful, so exquisite, unbelievably beautiful. And everything has such a benediction around it, such grace, that one who has a little sensitivity is bound to become aware of it.

The sound of running water, and the wind passing through the pine trees, and a single bird on the wing, and two lovers just sitting silently by the side of the river… It is so sacred, it is so holy!