These Mountains

joshua tree

Walking in the mountains — the mountains of nature, the symbolic mountains of Zen, the mountain peaks of human consciousness and spirituality. These are the ‘mountains’ of which I speak here.

It’s peaceful in these mountains, and hopefully inspirational and thought-provoking too. It is for me anyway, and I hope it will be for my readers as well. Peace and inspiration are wonderful things, but I am particularly interested in the provocation of these mountain peaks. I fear, as J. Krishnamurti says, that humanity is “becoming more and more like machines.” Osho makes the same observation.

It is because we are more and more programmed by our society to NOT think critically and to NOT question. We are expected to just fill a niche and be quiet about it, and to otherwise keep ourselves occupied with third-rate entertainment.

So I hope, in this blog, to bring not only a sense of peace and inspiration, but also to introduce ideas that will provoke thought and invite questioning… and to have a little fun as well.