“Devotion is a name for the feeling, the psychological climate, the heart of a devotee. God is not essential to it. Devotion can exist without God… For those whose hearts are filled with devotion, the whole world turns into God. And people devoid of devotion ask, “Where is God?” But no one can tell them where God is, because this very world, seen through the eyes and heart of the devotee, becomes God.

The world is not God, but a heart full of devotion sees the world as God. What we find in the world is just a projection; we see in the world that which we are. The world is just a mirror; it reflects us as we are. As the feeling of devotion deepens, the world itself turns into God. Not that God is sitting in a heaven or in a temple. No. Devotion finds godliness in everything and everywhere. ”

~ Osho